Announcement/WTF YouTube and Internet?!

Hello, one and all. Time for a quick announcement. High Speed Rail Month and all rail-related posts are under a suspension. The reason is complicated, but please bare with me until I get some other things sorted out. Thanks for the support.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes of today’s post. I want to ask you all a serious question. What the fuck is up with YouTube?! Now, in case you live under a rock and don’t know what’s going on, let me fill you in. YouTube is on a demonitizing and unsubscribing spree. But, why? Well, because YouTube is trying to censor those who don’t fit the YouTube “safe space”. Lately, those on YouTube who try to expose the mainstream news media as lying cucks (for which they rightfully are called) or those who promote Donald Trump are losing money from advertising revenue or losing subscribers. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You speak positive about the president on Twitter, and they make it so you can’t see the tweet, and that’s disgusting. Then, you have Facebook censoring conservative views and I hate that too. First of all, there’s free speech and the internet seems to have forgotten that. They will censor anyone who doesn’t fall into the mainstream narrative of “Donald Trump is evil” and “Donald Trump is an asshole.”, and I want to be perfectly clear, I am not a fan of his, but the way they mainstream media is acting along with those on the left side of the spectrum are starting to really piss me off. They’re not acting like professionals, they’re acting like fucking children who throw temper tantrums who don’t get what they want, and that is really testing my patience. I don’t care if you like the current POTUS or not, but censoring those who like him, and attacking those who do is absolutely childish. This is the kind of garbage that makes me think society is trying to paint a narrative that everything conservative is wrong and flawed as hell. Trust me, when I say this, I want this bull to stop. ┬áThe sad thing is, we have a society that doesn’t think for themselves. Many think the media is the know all and tell all, and honestly, they’re the worst excuses of people. Journalists on a national level are the biggest lying morons on the planet, and if you believe them without checking to make sure they’re telling the truth, then you’re being blind as a bat. The sad fact is, we live in a society that follows the media like sheep. When you try to expose them, they or you paint those of us who don’t fall for the lies as “Nazi’s”, “misongist” or “racist” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, we’re trying to show them how ignorant they are, and they will continue to belittle us. If you want Free Speech, regardless of where you stand, then you need to stand up with me, and those like Dave Cullen (ComputingForever), Matt Jarbo (MundaneMatt) and fight for truth and justice. Now, to the advertisers who are pulling out, grow the fuck up. NOT everyone is going to fall in line and agree blindly, and yet, you stupid little cunts want to make everything a safe space and this is the garbage that makes a person who is a liberal angry and feel more like a conservative in this strange society. While I don’t make videos about these issues, you’re about to see a new side of Jessica Kasumi. Gone is the timid little person who doesn’t stand by the wayside, from now on, I’ll be posting blatantly honest about how I feel. If you disagree, that’s fine, but if you value free speech, then you’ll stand with me, and together we are going to show the establishment that they need to be fixed, and one more thing YouTube. Fuck YouTube TV, that’s only giving the MSM a platform to continue their lies and bullying those into submitting the lying side. I’ll do another post on YouTube restricted and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on a new segment I call: Jessica Unleashed. Until then, this is Jessica K, out.

Does Modern Television Suck?

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Kasumi, and I am back with another blog post for you wonderful people. It recently came to my attention, that television programs are getting weirder, and dumber, which got me to thinking, “Does Modern Television Really Suck?”. In short order,the answer is mostly, “yes”. In order to do this post, I had to sit through hours of television programs, and while I won’t be calling out any particular show, I will list some of the major issues that make modern television a serious letdown in my personal opinion.

The first issue that comes to my mind, is horrible story arcs. Yes, a television show doesn’t always need a story arc, but most story arcs are so forced, or horribly contrived that it makes the show seem like a carbon copy of each other. Whether it’s one of the god-awful tween programs, or an obviously scripted reality program, the story arcs in television today are largely uninspiring, and bland as can be. Sadly, I think television will remain like this, because the networks don’t want to take risks, and make engaging stories that will captivate an audience, and make them think because they want things to be safe so as not to cause controversy from small groups who let minor things bug them.

Next issue is the acting. My god, a lot of today’s up, and coming actors, and actresses can’t act for a hill of beans. Whenever they talk, they sound whiny, uninspired, boring, or just plain lazy. On many shows that I have sat through I have seen some of the laziest acting I have ever seen in my entire life. Now, not every person is horrible in acting, but, the majority of them suck so bad, that they don’t even deserve a career in show business, but would do better as workers in a fast food restaurant. Simply put, the acting of today’s actors is boring as sin.

Third, we have story arcs that tend to use cliches or stereotypes and this is quite frankly, getting old, real quick. I don’t mind an occasional cliche or stereotype if they’re trying to knock it down, and dismantle it. But, a lot of the new programs use these to their advantage because networks think that this garbage is absolutely funny, and it’s not. Whether it’s a stereotype belief that all African Americans like fried chicken, or all Asian Americans are supposed to be smart, or evil, it really needs to stop. It’s not how all people are, and it’s just insulting to people.

Then, we have too many reality programs. As I said on my previous blog, I am completely, 100% anti-reality TV, for many reasons I can’t fathom in one post, but the fact of the matter is, 99.9% of reality television is boring, and probably faked for cameras. I don’t know how people can be so gullible into watching these boring programs time, after time, and quite frankly, I don’t care. If people are that gullible, then so be it. Let them be sucked into a land of fake drama, and competitions where celebrities who judge don’t really care about you, but care more about that pay check they get at the end of the day.

Lastly, lets discuss the news media. Oh god, the news media. I’m sorry, but, I don’t like the news media anymore. The reason is rather simple. When something goes wrong, or someone says something, they will run it into the ground, and paint something in a negative light all the live long day, instead of trying to do the smart thing, and research everything to make sure that it’s the truth. Instead, they often take something and run with it, no matter how true, or how false it might be. For example, when a train crashes, they’re quick to put the railroad industry in the negative light, and even when it’s discovered that the crash was an accident beyond control, they continue to do the same exact thing, and it’s just plain bad journalism. When a cop does something, and is falsely accused of doing something else, they won’t let him have alone time. How about they actually do something right, and look into it, and report the truth, and not badger the poor individual. It can be very stressful, and potentially lead them to commit suicide, or die of stress. So yeah, you can tell, I’m not a big news media person.

With that said, I’m done. My final thoughts: While television predominantly sucks, I do believe that it can get better if people actually put effort into making good stories, good research for news stories, and so on.

Until next time, this is Jessica Kasumi, out.