Month of Amtrak: Fort Pitt

Welcome back to the Month of Amtrak. Today’s train was another short lived service operated by Amtrak. Today, we will look at the Fort Pitt.


Amtrak F40PH 278 with the Pennsylvanian at New Florence, PA in 1984. (I’m including this since the Fort Pitt’s consist was the Pennsylvanian’s consist as well.)

Beginning in 1981, the Fort Pitt was a subsidized Amtrak train running from Pittsburgh to Altoona, Pennsylvania over Conrail’s former Pennsylvania Railroad main line as a second service along with the Pennsylvanian. Unlike most trains, the Pitt used the same consist from another train, that being the Pennsylvanian. How it would work is, the Westbound Pennsylvanian would be turned at Pittsburgh after arriving for a evening departure for Altoona. The next morning, the Pitt would return to Pittsburgh from Altoona and become the eastbound Pennsylvanian  for New York. This allowed Amtrak and the state of Pennsylvania to run two daily trains between Pittsburgh and Altoona using the same equipment. In 1981, a stop was added at Pitcarin to serve the community following the discontinuance of Conrail’s temporary commuter train, the Parkway Limited. In 1983, Amtrak discontinued the train when PennDOT pulled funding to the Pitt, leaving the Pennsylvanian to provide once a day service between the two points, which it still does to this day.
Here is a copy of the timetable for the Pitt in 1982, along with other trains that served the area as well.

That’s all for this installment, in the Month of Amtrak. Until next time, this is Jessica, out.


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