Why Do We Love: Twin Towers?

This post is made for not just friends, but for the members of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center group. I hope you all enjoy.

Why do we love the Twin Towers? It seems like an easy question, but the answer is different depending on who you ask. 144073614-H.jpeg

For some people, it’s the sheer beauty and majesty they had. For others it’s the way they stood in an always changing city. Others worked there and loved working in some of the best real estate in New York City. Before Tuesday September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center was a complex of 7 buildings sitting on a 16-acre site in Lower Manhattan. Despite being two tube-like buildings, with smaller buildings, the Twin Towers (or Twins as many of us have called the big two), there was something memorable about them. Either it was their size, or awe inspiring construction, the Twin Towers were amazing to see and understand. Despite the changes that came in their brief life, they were always amazing to people. And the amount of amazing detail made them unique, some of these unique features while great such as a centralized core made for great space, some of these also made it a curse when the Twins were put through the greatest test, a test that they would ultimately lose. But, the features that made them unique gave the Twins a fighting chance to live. They made it through many events from a man on a tightrope, to a chess tournament to even a bomb in the basement, but as they saying goes, ‘nothing lasts forever’, and sadly it happened. While the physical buildings were eventually reduced to damn near nothing after being struck and compromised by airliners and other factors, they have never left our heart. To many, they still stand albeit in ghost form on their footprints looking out from another place. Regardless of what stands there physically, no one can destroy our memories and love for two towers that were as human as you possibly can get when building a skyscraper. Here’s to the men and women who built, maintained, risked their lives to save others in a dire situation, and helped to give them a fitting send off after being wrongfully taken away from us. You all played a big role in making them giants. To those of us, who saw them, visited them, worked in them, or just love them, we along with those people who did the above mentioned things will never let the memory and thought of the Twins go silent.


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