ACS-64 Review

Hello all, it’s time for another review of a locomotive. Seeing as how you liked my review of the Siemens SC-44 Charger, lets look at Siemens’s other locomotive, the Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64)
The Siemens ACS-64 (Amtrak Cities Sprinter) is the modern Amtrak electric locomotive used on the Northeast and Keystone Corridor and replaced the EMD AEM-7, and Bombardier – Alstom HHP-8. These electric locomotives are currently owned by Amtrak, with SEPTA (the Philadelphia transit provider set to get some in 2018 or so).

Initial Thoughts

From initial thoughts, I can say the ACS-64 is an outstanding example of modern engineering in locomotive design. The ACS-64 from what I have seen in videos and from playing in virtual form in Train Simulator, shows that the electric is capable of easily keeping to a tight schedule that a Northeast Regional needs. The ACS-64 also appears to have quick acceleration and quick braking. Despite two accidents which damaged two (601 and 627), the design shows they are durable little beasts, and a great example of modern ingenuity.

My Overall Thoughts

Overall, despite being around for a few years, the Amtrak Cities Sprinter is a genuine star of electric locomotives running on rails once home to the legendary GG1 of Pennsylvania Railroad origins and EP5 of New Haven Railroad origins. What do I expect in future? I expect a nice lifetime for the Sprinter, and this like the SC-44 shows that Siemens can build some damn good locomotives for passenger service in North America. I expect more great passenger locomotives from them. Here’s to the hope that one day Siemens will build a freight locomotive.

Until the next review, this is Jessica K, out.


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